Safety Information

All of our products at Cultivated Candle Co. are handmade with the highest quality wax, wicks, scents and prep materials for each unique piece. We always use lead-free, cotton wicks and all natural soy wax as the base of our candles. 
Our tins are genuinely antique and because of this, they need special attention before being made into the candles you see on our site. Each tin is cleaned by hand to make sure they are free of rust, harmful chemicals, and grime. After being cleaned each tin is sealed with a FDA non-direct food contact approved, non-toxic sealer that is designed to withstand over 500 degree fahrenheit conditions. 
The Carpenter's Candles are 100% real wood candles, not a composite lookalike. Each piece of wood soaks in a fire-resistant solution for 24 hours prior to being assembled with non-toxic, FDA approved for non-direct food contact glue and sealer. 
Cultivated Candle Co. takes the safety of your home and those in it very seriously. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us,

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