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Hey there! We’re Cultivated Candle Co.but you can call us CCC. We’re a small team of candle enthusiasts hand-pouring all of our soy candles in Columbus, Ohio. We have a cult following of brand fanatics across the country and we love being a small business!


We're known for unique scents, high-quality soy candles and products that add FUN to our customers' lives. Every day at Cultivated Candle Co. is a fun one and we love bringing you along in Stories...If you know, you know! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We make kindness, fun and authenticity a daily to-do.


CCC was founded in 2017 by Columbus couple, Colleen O’Morrow and Jeremy Diamond, as a way to provide unique scents and one-of-a-kind vintage candles. Colleen & Jeremy grew up 10 minutes from each other but didn't meet until working at their first high school job in a restaurant. Jeremy would spend time chatting with Colleen at the hostess stand, which continually got him in trouble by management. Without those chats, CCC wouldn’t exist!

Co-Founders of Cultivated Candle Co.

Fast forward to the next time they worked together; Cultivated Candle Co. launched in October 2017. Since then, we’ve grown into a nationally recognized candle company. Currently Colleen runs the show with a small team of amazing individuals.

Our production facility is located in North Linden and we love owning a business in Columbus. We share a large space that also houses Jeremy’s furniture business. So, there are always new projects happening across both businesses at our office!


We take pride in the quality of candles we create.

At CCC, we're committed to using clean fragrances to create strong candles. All of our candles have scent oil that is phthalate-free and free of CA Prop 65 Reportable Ingredients (no carcinogens, no reproductive toxins, no mutagens, no organ toxins and more.). We only use 100% all natural soy wax. All of our wicks are lead-free and metal-free, too! You can read more about our commitment to clean scents here.


If you haven’t tried a CCC candle yet, we invite you to choose a scent (or two - decisions are HARD here) and let us know what you think. We strongly believe that our quality goes unmatched due to our small, detail-oriented team.

To all of our loyal customers and CCC enthusiasts, YOU are the best part of this funky little business. Thank you so much for being a part of it!

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