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We’re Colleen O’Morrow and Jeremy Diamond. With a combined love for science and history, Cultivated Candle Co. was born. If you’re looking for our duo you can find us antiquing, blending new scents or at the workshop. We’re in our mid-20s and loving life as entrepreneurs in downtown Columbus. As a duo, our commitment to quality products that enhance the atmosphere of your home or event is unmatched. We know home decor. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest antique finds, beautiful home decor layouts and shots you can smell. Candles are a significant piece in a home...Why not have them dual as home decor? Check out our blog for weekly posts on how to decorate your home, choose the best scent for your environment and more.
Our favorite Cultivated Candle Co. signature scents?
Jeremy: Pipe Tobacco & Marmalade



We run Cultivated Candle Co. from our studio in the historic 400 West Rich factory in Franklinton. The building has a rich history of creativity, manufacturing and more. It was originally built in 1910 for the D.A. Ebinger Sanitary Manufacturing Company. Discover more history on the building here. Right now, Cultivated Candle Co. is the only candle maker in 400 West Rich! 

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