Fill Your Own Vintage Piece



Have a special vintage piece at home that you'd like to have transformed into a candle? We can help! The first step is to send us photos of the inside and outside of the vintage tin or glass piece BEFORE purchasing a candle fill, so we can make sure it's fit to be a candle. There are a few different factors that play into it! 

After purchasing the fill:

After purchasing the fill, we'll email you within 24 hours to confirm what you're sending and send you our shipping address. Then you can choose your preferred mail carrier and ship your package to Cultivated Candle Co. Please do not ship anything before receiving the initial email from us. Customers are responsible for shipping rates, both ways. 

We'll also send you shipping tips to make sure that the vintage piece arrives safely and invoice you for shipping the vintage candle back to you once it arrives at our office. 

We will fill the container with your scent choice, then ship the candle right back to you after the shipping invoice is paid. 

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