Three Ways to Incorporate Vintage Home Decor for Spring

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on April 08 2018

The Farmhouse 31 spring kitchen decor is gorgeous!

Above: We love how @thefarmhouse31 on Instagram styled Cultivated Candle Co. candles for spring.


Don’t get me wrong. Jeremy and I love vintage home decor any day of the year. But there’s something about the turn of the season from spring to summer that complements this style even more. The blooming flowers, lush fields and new life highlight the beauty of simplicity and vintage farmhouse decor.

No matter where you live, you can bring the charm of spring into your home with unique pieces. Vintage glass is a great style of decor for spring because of the natural transparency and shine. Even better - Glass is somewhat easy to style. Here are a few quick ways you can get started on spring vintage decor today:

Bring the Outside, Inside

Flowers are the most significant thing about spring and it’s a decor miss to not incorporate fresh florals in your home during this season. Turn florals vintage by ditching the traditional vase for a quart-sized mason jar. Some people prefer to incorporate ribbons or lace onto mason jars but I prefer to keep them as-is. It highlights the glass as well as the green tones in the stems, which are a natural fit for spring.

Think Light & Bright

Spring is the first season we get to see the sunshine a little longer each day (thank god). I think we just hit the “past 8 p.m.” mark in Ohio! More sunshine is a natural complement to bright home decor. Search for vintage pieces that incorporate light cool colors, yellows and white tones. Different glass accessories are a great fit for this time of year because they capture the sunshine. At our home, we’re currently using light blue vintage Indiana Glass to complement the bright colors of spring.

Think about some of the brightest home decor pieces in your home. Find accents to keep your windows open and place some of those pieces directly where the natural light hits. Below is our bedroom mantle - As you can see we've placed our mason jar vase and an antique glass piece directly in the sunshine. 

Vintage home decor is a great complement to spring.

Set the Aroma with Vintage Candles

Mason jar candles are ideal for vintage spring decor and seasonal aromas (Hehe - We’re not biased or anything). The great part about spring candles is that many of the scents actually work well together. In our home, we enjoy multiple candles in various rooms. Our Linen Breeze candle is a perfect bathroom scent with cotton and fresh cut grass, while our Irish Meadow candle (featured below) fits perfectly within our green kitchen. Because Linen Breeze incorporates fresh cut grass, it blends well if Irish Meadow is burning at the same time. The bare mason jars allow for the true highlight of the spring colors incorporated into the soy wax.

The Irish Meadow candle blends sweet florals and fresh cut glass for a fresh, happy aroma.

Even if the temperatures are still making their way up outside, you can start on vintage spring decor in your home today. These tips highlight some of the best perks of spring - Sunshine, florals and the lush aromas.

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