Fun Vintage Holiday Photos...From CCC Customers

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on December 22 2020

In our second-annual Cultivated Candle Co. holiday giveaway, we invited YOU to dig up vintage holiday photos and submit your favorites in honor of the Retro Holiday Collection. It's been so much fun receiving the submissions over the past few weeks, so we just HAVE to share these with you. The lucky winner was chosen at random and notified (we marked the winner below too!), but there’s still so much retro holiday goodness to share...

Seeing the vintage photo submissions brought us so much holiday joy - and we hope the submission recap below does that for you too. Due to high number of submissions, not all entries were included, although we loved them all!

"My mom circa 1980." - @themenagerieboutique on Instagram

"Me and my mom - early 1970s." - CCC customer, Chris M. 

CCC customer, Kimberlee V. 

"My first trip to NYC, 1986." - CCC customer, Emily B. 

"My mother (seated) and her older sister - 1944." - CCC customer (& winner of this giveaway), Kellie P. 

"1965." - CCC customer, Kristine W. 

"Early 80s with my cousin Brenda and my cabbage patch doll." - CCC customer, Karen R. 

CCC customer, Deedie M.

CCC customer, Evangeline G. 

CCC customer, Evangeline G.  

CCC customer, Kellie Lee.

CCC customer, Anna B. 

"My mom and her mom - 1970." - CCC customer, Anna B. 

"Holiday wedding on Dec. 19, 1982." - CCC customer, Anita G. 

"I'm in the front in the pink robe with my cousins. My grandma made us all these robes for Christmas that year - 1977." - CCC customer, Jenny O.

"My mom is in the back closest to Santa with her two cousins - Around 1950." - CCC customer, Jenny O. 

"My brother, Jimmy and I - 1962." - CCC customer, Kathy E. 

"December 1982." - CCC customer, Leslie H. 

CCC customer, Shannan Mc.


And these are just a HIGHLIGHT of the entries...Thank you so much for participating in the Retro Holiday fun! Merry Christmas from Cultivated Candle Co. 





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