An Introduction to Cultivated Candle Co. Fall Scents!

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on August 31 2019


Fall is a time of coziness, nostalgia and, let's be honest, lots of pumpkins. The Fall Collection captures the essence of special memories, aromas and fun themed to this special time of year through two exciting candle collections! 


The Pumpkin Collection

From the pumpkin patch, to carving pumpkins with the family, to admiring pumpkins stacked on neighbors porches and more, pumpkins are the most nostalgic fall element. This translates into aroma too. Memories of fall are sprinkled with the spiciest pumpkin scents and richest pumpkin sweets. The Pumpkin Collection captures the essence of pumpkin favorites through four hand-crafted scents.


Blueberry Pumpkin: Blueberry Pumpkin blends fresh blueberry and sweet pumpkin spice for a fresh, spicy aroma that is a unique instant classic for fall. The natural aromatic zest of blueberry was made to be paired with pumpkin! Blueberry Pumpkin is the perfect aroma for pumpkin lovers who like a little twist. This all natural soy candle is sweet, fresh and spicy.


Pumpkin Donut: Pumpkin Donut blends pumpkin souffle, rich cinnamon and sweet donut for a rich, sweet aroma that is bakery happiness in a candle. With the richest notes, this aroma takes you to sleepy fall mornings started with the most perfect spiced donuts. Pumpkin Donut is great for pumpkin lovers who have a sweet tooth! This all natural soy candle is sweet and cozy.


Cran-Apple Pumpkin: Cran-Apple Pumpkin blends cranberry apple marmalade and pumpkin spice for a spicy, traditional fall aroma. The perfect amount of pumpkin spice blended with the coziest fruit medley makes this one of our most nostalgic scents. The Cran-Apple Pumpkin scent is perfect for pumpkin lovers who like the added spice of aromatic fruits. This candle is spicy and cozy. 

Pumpkin Spice: Pumpkin Spice blends classic pumpkin, rich cinnamon and apple butter for a must-have pumpkin aroma. The sweet, spicy and cozy aromas of fall are perfectly hand-blended into this candle. Pumpkin Spice is perfect for pumpkin lovers who want the most pumpkin-based candle. This candle is spicy and cozy.

The Farmhouse Fall Collection

Piles of leaves spreading throughout the yard from a chilly breeze, cozy moments inside with a hot drink and time spent at the cabin. Fall is beautiful anywhere, but there’s something about a countryside fall that can’t be replaced. Exceptional landscapes of reds, yellows and oranges found at rural farms here in the Midwest are paired with ongoing harvesting from our farmers. Fall dreams are found at farmhouses. The Farmhouse Fall Collection captures the essence of fall in the countryside through four hand-crafted scents.

Midwest Fall: Midwest Fall blends crisp leaves, country apple and fresh air for an energizing, fresh aroma. This aroma is inspired by fall here in the Midwest, specifically at Colleen’s grandmother’s house. Memories filled with piles of leaves, fresh apples and country air created this scent. Midwest Fall is perfect for fall lovers who love the fresh side of this season with a touch of coziness.  

Cashmere Cabin: Cashmere Cabin blends soft cashmere, cedarwood and warm vanilla sugar for a soft, cozy aroma. The coziness of blanket-covered fireside moments encompass this scent. Cashmere Cabin is perfect for fall lovers looking for a unique soft, relaxing scent. 

Fresh Apple Cider: Fresh Apple Cider blends a variety fresh apples and mulled cider a fresh, cozy aroma. Apple orchards are a vital part to fall nostalgia and this blend smells like fresh cider poured after a day of apple-picking. Fresh Apple Cider is perfect for fall lovers who enjoy the aroma of apple even more than other autumn staples! This all natural soy candle is fresh and warm.

Country Coffee Shop: Country Coffee Shop blends the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee, mocha and almond for a classic coffee house scent. Fall is a time for cozy moments indoors over conversations with friends, which is why our first-ever coffee scent is making a debut. Country Coffee Shop is perfect for lovers of the aroma of coffee - whether or not you like to drink it - blended with baked goods. This all natural soy candle is rich, sweet and cozy.


Other Cozy Classics

These are Cultivated Candle Co. classics and not a part of the new Fall Collection, but are still cozy classics for fall!

Bourbon Butterscotch: Bourbon Butterscotch blends sweet butterscotch and the warmth of bourbon for a rich, cozy aroma. This scent is perfect for cozy days and time with the family.

Funnel Cake: Funnel Cake blends the traditional funnel cake aroma with cinnamon for one of the most iconic sweet scents. A fan favorite!


Hopefully temps are cooling in your next of the woods. Cozy up and browse the full Fall Collection here

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