Sweets & Spots of Summertime: The Summer Candle Collection is Here

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on April 28 2019

The Orange Cream Pop Candle is so perfect for summertime!

Summertime brings a lot of memories. From the places summer takes you, to the sweets you have under sunshine, there are a lot of things we love about summer. Summer is a time of freedom, fun and friendship. This season inspired us to make an entire Summer Collection, encompassing both Signature Mason Jar Candles and Luxe Frosted Candles. Nostalgic of the classic season, our scent blends were carefully hand-crafted to be the happiest and freshest summer soy candles.

Signature Mason Jar Candle Summer Collection

Sweet summer candles from Cultivated Candle Co. in Columbus, Ohio

Our Signature Mason Jar Candles are made to be cute and bright. When the idea of candles themed off of the sweetest summer treats arose in a summer scent brainstorm session, this theme sealed the deal. These scents were inspired by childhood summers and time spent with family and friends. We also used your help on the Cultivated Candle Co. Instagram to generate your favorite summer scents. One scent we’ve actually had available in antique candles over the past year, but it has just been so popular we wanted to bring it to our Signature Mason Jar Candles!

  • Watermelon Lemonade Candle: A blend of fresh watermelon with the sweet, refreshing aroma of fresh-squeezed lemonade. So cheerful and happy!
  • Orange Cream Pop Candle: A blend of the freshness and sweetness of fresh orange and smooth vanilla ice cream for that classic aroma of America’s favorite poolside treat. Fresh, happy and sweet!
  • Lemon Cake Candle: A blend of the happy aroma of fresh lemon with sweet vanilla cake. If you guessed this was the popular scent we’ve had in antique candles - you’re right! A fan favorite, this all natural soy candle is welcoming, fruity and sweet.
  • Strawberry Shortcake Candle: A blend of fresh strawberry and the rich, sweetness of shortcake. An Americana classic! Sweet and feminine notes make up this candle.

Luxe Frosted Candles

Fresh summer candles from Cultivated Candle Co.

Our Luxe Frosted Candles are meant to be sophisticated and stunning. We didn’t want to leave the freshness of summer out of our Summer Collection. Jeremy and I thought about some of our favorite summer places and memories. These soy candles are inspired by classic summertime spots. From days at the lake with friends to taking a summertime stroll, these candles are refined and smooth. Plus, the vintage green frosted container fills the room with a beautiful glow while burning.

  • Flower Shop Candle: A blend of gardenia, rose, lilac, lavender & fresh cut grass for a floral, sweet aroma. This all natural soy candle is inspired after some of the most lush summertime gardens.
  • Lake House Candle: A blend of mahogany teakwood and warm vanilla sugar for a cozy, sensual aroma. This all natural soy candle is inspired after the coziness of lake houses filled with family and friends in the summer.
  • Tropical Market Candle: A blend of mango, papaya and coconut for a relaxing, fruity aroma. This all natural soy candle is inspired after summer days spent by water - beachside or poolside.

One thing all candles in our Summer Collection have in common? They are super happy scents. You know the kind of candle that can just make you cheer up and smile...This collection was built off of that philosophy. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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