Summer Candles Make a Splash

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on June 11 2018

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Candles are the perfect solution when you want to be cozy from fall through winter, but what about warm summer months? The coziness remains on a rainy day but it’s much more than that. Summer candles are a great way to soak in a moment, entertain guests and rejuvenate your spirit, which is why seasonal scents are so important to this time of year.

We’re so excited to bring two new scents to Cultivated Candle Co. this summer: Midwest Summer and Boat House. These are easily two of our favorite soy creations.

So are these scents right for you? I break it down below.


The Midwest Summer soy candle blends fresh florals, pine and mulberry for a peaceful, earthy aroma. This candle was inspired from my childhood growing up in the country land of Galena, OH. Summers in the Midwest are filled with chirping bugs, fireflies and humidity eased by soft breezes. The terrain becomes lush with overgrown fields, crops beginning to bloom and deciduous forests that become magical areas to explore.

This scent captures the beauty of the summer season here in the Midwest. The florals and mulberry incorporate sweet notes, while the pine serves as the earthy note to truly bring this scent together. The Midwest Summer candle is perfect for lovers of natural scents and the serenity of the outdoors.

Find it here.


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The Boat House soy candle blends warm vanilla sugar and mahogany teakwood for a calming, nautical aroma. Although the Midwest is not known for its sandy beaches, memories spent at our lakes are some that many of us continue to cherish throughout of lifetime. Time spent at a lake consists of sunny days that turn into sunburnt nights, laughing around a table of cards, the sound of splashing water, fresh cookouts and salty breezes.  

During development of this scent, we made sure to balance this more “cologney”, nautical aroma with warm vanilla sugar. The warm vanilla sugar acts as a sweet note that blends the scent to not be overwhelming. The Boat House candle is perfect for cologne lovers or lovers of scent with modern depth.

Find it here.

Both Jeremy and I grew up, and met, in the Midwest. It was only natural for us to create scents themed after one of our favorite spots in the United States: Home.

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