Scents to Highlight a Midwest Summer

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on May 09 2018

Getting all of your ducks in a row for summer home decor planning? Same here.

As I was driving through my hometown the other day, it truly felt like the start of summer. In a matter of few weeks, Ohio went from winter chills to sunshine. During my drive, I looked at the large green plots of land, lush with tall grasses, buzzing bees and a breeze that reminded me of my childhood home in Galena. It hit me, at this moment, how special summer in the Midwest really is.

Cultivated Candle Co. will be launching summer scents soon, as well as something even more exciting with new vintage candles and packaging. But in the excitement of summer’s arrival, here are a few scents that highlight the beauty of this season in the Midwest:


summer home decor in Columbus, Ohio

I’m mixing carnations in for the love of Ohio, as this is our official state flower. Carnations mix two aroma-types that we typically wouldn’t think go together: Floral and spicy. The spicy pepper notes within carnations make the sweet, floral notes pop.

Russian Sage

One of my personal favorites in Ohio, Russian sage mixes the colors of grey and amethyst within tall, lacy buds. Russian sage takes a twist on floral scents, mixing in a mint with it’s already natural aroma. Looking to blend scents? Russian sage also complements the scent of roses. You may find this in our summer soy candle collection (shameless plug).


Varying in plants such as sunflowers, aster flowers typically carry sweet, breezy aromas typical to what we’d associate with floral scents. The sweet aroma of asters perfectly complements forest notes.

Hardy Geraniums

Geraniums include over 422 different species of plants and flowers. Hardy geraniums are commonly found in the Midwest and release a fruity but spicy scent that transforms summer walks into an even more beautiful experience. These commonly pale-pink or purple flowers thrive over the summer here in Ohio and around our region.

Whether you’re looking to update your garden or bring the beautiful summer aromas of the Midwest inside with soy candles or other methods, these natural scents are a great way to get started.

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