Mix Textures to Create a Rustic Home

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on October 17 2017

When Jeremy & I looked for our first apartment in Downtown Columbus, we were open to anything that was affordable. We came to find that wasn't true. Our primary must-haves became two distinct textures commonly found in historic buildings: Exposed brick and hardwood floors. Those must-haves haven't left our list since.

The first night in our downtown apartment! Circa: 2013

A variety in material and texture is necessary if you want a rustic, historic feel in your home. What classifies as a texture?






& much more. Traditional elements are just some of our favorites!
Current home decor trends allow easy access to these textures. Mix up your coffee table display with a rustic, wooden table accompanied by mason jar candles on a tin tray. Step your wall decor game up to create wooden shelves off exposed brick, held up by industrial pipes. Top with candles or other elements to pull together the vibe.


Start small when testing texture combos and find what works best for you. Some great combinations to get started with:

Glass & Metal

Metal & Wood

Brick & Glass

At Cultivated Candle Co., we love playing with these different elements in all the pieces we either find, restore or create. From wood, to metal, to glass, candles can add that additional piece of texture to your home.

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