Kicking Off the 2020s: Where Winter Hygge & ‘70s Boho Meet

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on January 26 2020

1970s inspired hygge decor

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We’re only a few weeks into 2020 with the previous decade so close behind. Homes in the 2010s were filled with a lot of grey, pale tones and perfectionism. But with the turn of the decade experts, like this round-up on Elle Decor, are predicting a colorful change in homes of the 2020s. 

As I was doing research a few months ago for the Hygge Collection, I stumbled upon something interesting. The Hygge Collection is ‘70s-inspired this year because the 1970s were known as the “me decade”, which truly emphasized self-expression and self-love. A perfect fit! Not to mention the flowy, earthy and cozy vibes of ‘70s bohemian. 

The big news? Experts expect that many ‘70s home decor trends are making a comeback in today’s age of coziness and self-expression.

Before we dig into some examples of hygge found in ‘70s decor themes, there’s another callout from that Elle Decor article that I just HAVE to share. 

More Americans are beginning to mix old and new. This is the eclectic individualism in home decor of layering meaningful vintage items with modern, which gives a home a personalized and richer feel. 

At casa de CCC, our decor style is eclectic. Not always matching but always meaningful. Vintage decor is not just for “old” homes. When used right, it’s incredible with modern decor. Mixing these two styles gives us the best of both worlds for true self-expression. Just like the “me decade” of the ‘70s!

Anyways, back to a few ‘70s trends predicted for the 2020s that we think go hand-in-hand with hygge in the home...

Earth Tones

1970s home decor in modern day

Decisions, decisions on earth tones in the '70s. Photo Source: Flashbak

The ‘70s was full of vibrant earth tones. It’s hard to look at avocado green and NOT think of the ‘70s. Decor experts are predicting that these green tones, as well as browns, yellows and deep reds are making a comeback. We love the concept of earthy tones for hygge because of the earth itself.

earth tones in the modern home

Here's a modern take on this '70s decor trend. Photo source: Dizzyhome

Feeling connected to nature is one of the most simple and meaningful things in life, which is what hygge is all about. Vibrant colors also spread some happiness in the dead of winter as we wait for colorful spring days. I mentioned this in IG Stories , we’re currently working on revamping our bedroom. This room is a focus for us because natural light beams in through late 19th-century windows, which provides so much “energy” and good vibes in the cold winter. 


1970s home decor

It was pretty easy being green in the '70s. Plants = Happiness! Photo source: Curbly

Talk about bringing the outdoors inside! Over-the-top greenery with plants not only improves air quality but also makes your interior more dynamic. Plants add life to the indoors and a different texture than what we’re used to inside. In the ‘70s, it was the bigger the better when it came to plants. Use this boho inspo to make your favorite cozy space feel more lively and fresh when practicing winter hygge.

modern '70s decor

Here's a modern take on this '70s decor trend. Photo source: 

Who said winter days have to be dreary?! We have an incredible 19th century dual mantel in our bedroom. In honor of hygge and our constant mission to keep our home inspiring and cozy, we’re planning to add a row of over-the-top greenery to the top mantel and we’ll be sure to share our progress in Facebook & Instagram Stories! 


1970s velvet home decor

Velvet brings out the natural vibrancy of color and the 1970s didn't hold back. Photo source: Curbly

Soft, cozy and with a touch of luxury, velvet was a very popular material in the 1970s that is now making a comeback. Not only can it be colorful with vibrancy and earth tones mentioned above, it also adds a touch of simple coziness in the winter.

Velvet couch

Here's a modern take on this '70s trend. Photo source: Hornsby Style

I’ve always been a huge velvet fan! I think I’ve always admired it because of it’s vintage feel and seemingly endless richness of color. Velvet truly is the material that brings a vintage feel in the coziest way. 

Even outside of hygge, ‘70s boho trends like rattan & wicker furniture, fringe & shag, terrazzo and more are making a comeback in the ‘70s. We find that pretty groovy! 

Stay tuned for more hygge themed blogs as we continue to celebrate and get cozy with the Hygge Collection this winter.

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