It's the Festive & Fun Retro Holiday at Cultivated Candle Co.!

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on November 11 2020

Retro Holiday Collection at Cultivated Candle Co.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at CCC! The Retro Holiday Collection arrived this week and we couldn’t be more excited to bring this cheerful collection theme back for it’s second round. Inspired by the tinsel trees, matching Christmas outfits, traditional cocktails, jolly cards and good vibrations of the mid-century holiday season, it’s a Retro Holiday at Cultivated Candle Co. and we’re inviting you to celebrate with us!

Get ready for ALL the jolly fun. Here’s what you can expect from us during the Retro Holiday Collection:

  • The most nostalgic all natural soy candles and wax melts (they’re already here!)
  • Fun historical and nostalgic information on how the holiday season was celebrated around mid-century
  • Vintage hauls featuring the most retro & fun holiday decor
  • A REALLY fun giveaway that involves you sending in your throwback holiday photos...Start your searchin’ now ;)
  • Vintage holiday freebies with each order of a Retro Holiday Collection Signature Candle (a true vintage ornament AND vintage holiday stamps)
  • Throwback holiday specials, commercials and other historical videos shared for viewing on the CCC blog

This year’s Retro Holiday Collection is the biggest holiday collection we’ve ever had at Cultivated Candle Co. With six new scents to choose from, there’s a candle for every moment of your holiday:

Spiced Nutmeg Candle & Wax Melts

Spiced Nutmeg Candle

Spiced Nutmeg blends nutmeg with buttery almond, sweet cinnamon and soft vanilla for a warm, sweet and cozy holiday aroma. This scent is meant for the coziest holiday moments - Around a fire, with warm drinks enjoyed with friends and family. 

Cranberry Spice Candle & Wax Melts 

Cranberry Spice Candle

Cranberry Spice blends cranberry relish and orange zests with hints of ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon for a fresh, spicy holiday aroma. The most perfect scent for hosting Thanksgiving, transitioning from autumn to winter and enjoying a zestier holiday aroma. 

Warm Sugar Cookies Candle & Wax Melts

Warm Sugar Cookies Candle

Warm Sugar Cookies blends sugar, warm butter and sweet vanilla for an over-the-top sweet holiday aroma. There’s nothing like a good Christmas cookie and this scent will make your kitchen smell like there’s something in the oven. 

Chocolate Peppermint Cake Candle & Wax Melts 

Chocolate Peppermint Cake Candle

Chocolate Peppermint Cake blends creamy peppermint, rich chocolate, chocolate cake batter and just a hint of vanilla sugar for an over-the-top, rich ‘n sweet baked good holiday aroma. Imagine the best holiday dessert you’ve had over the years...That’s this scent in a nutshell.

Christmas Tree Candle & Wax Melts

Christmas Tree Candle

Christmas Tree blends blue spruce, pine, fir balsam, cedarwood and Scotch pine for a fresh, outdoorsy and traditional holiday aroma. The addition of blue spruce this year makes this the strongest Christmas Tree scent we’ve had at CCC...Just like those moments when you first bring the tree home. 

Vanilla Candy Cane Candle & Wax Melts

Vanilla Candy Cane

Vanilla Candy Cane blends sweet peppermint sticks with rich and creamy vanilla, and a hint of cake! The most cheerful, whimsical holiday moments are made for this scent. 

The Retro Holiday at Cultivated Candle Co. is just getting started and we can’t wait to share all the festive fun with you!

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