How We Create and Test Scents at Cultivated Candle Co.

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on June 12 2020

“How does Cultivated Candle Co. conceptualize scents?” This is a question commonly asked at CCC. In this video, we give you a little peek into how we create and test our scents - from scent ideation and conception to actually testing the candles.

For the Nostalgic Summer Collection, we went in looking for a summer garden-inspired aroma. One of the most requested scent ideas from customers happened to be Honeysuckle! You know we love working with customer requests. From that base request, we were able to play around with other floral scent blends to find the perfect percentage balance for a lovely summer floral candle. 

By testing different, unique scent oil blends, we are able to truly make sure that the final candle is exactly the aroma we want (aka AMAZING). 

You can watch more about how we develop our scents in our How We Create and Test Scents at Cultivated Candle Co. video on the Cultivated Candle Co. YouTube channel. Want to suggest a scent for us to include in a future collection? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

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