How to Incorporate Hygge Into Your Home Decor

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on January 30 2019

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As the Polar Vortex hits the Midwest, all we can do is stay inside whenever possible. Cold weather is typically greeted with sighs, moans and complaints of winter. But the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) gives us an opportunity to actually enjoy winter...Just stay with us!

Hygge is defined as a moment or feeling of coziness and comfort that mixes in feelings of contentment or well-being. While hygge can be practiced year-round, winter is a great time to bring this Danish practice into your home. We all know about the post-holiday blues and practicing hygge in your home can highlight cozy needs, provide stress relief and encourage self-care.

Hygge is really about taking care of yourself, incorporating what helps you relax and learning how to enjoy the simple things in your life. Think about gratitude and reflection, and using winter as a way to slow down. Luckily, there are easy, fun ways to make your home more hygge-friendly:

Create a Cozy Space

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Proactively create a new cozy space in the home that is dedicated to self-care and hygge. Try to choose a space that’s not only comfortable but also invigorating. A new hygge space we’ve created in our home is a seating area by the best windows in the house, which have a whimsical view of our backyard. Nature is important to our self-care and reflection routine, so this was a vital spot for our hygge space. Maybe your space overlooks nature like us, or maybe it includes a favorite piece of furniture. Maybe it’s in a room near your family or the fireplace. Whatever it is, the more dedicated the space the more beneficial it will be. Plus, it’s a fun purpose for a casual home decor project!

My favorite addition to our new cozy space is our Victorian Pine Serving Tray!


Add Soft Touches

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This is an excuse to use all the blankets! Fill the home or a cozy space with additional soft blankets, pillows or faux fur. Find spots that could use a little more softness or create an easy space to store your favorite soft things. In our kitchen, I added faux fur throws to our white wooden chairs to highlight a little “fluff” to this farmhouse-style room. We also added our new farmhouse blanket ladder to our living room to better organize our blankets, which allows the blankets to be a positive, cute addition instead of a cluttered, stressful aspect of our living room.

Focus on Meaningful Decor

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Evaluate decor in the home. Does it speak to your story and the things that you love? Make sure that each piece of decor actually makes you feel happy and/or is put to good use. You can imagine how excited we were to hear that antiques fall into this category. Whether you enjoy the charm of older antique pieces or have a souvenir from your favorite vacation, find creative ways to incorporate your most meaningful items into spaces that you use the most. It will bring you constant joy and an atmosphere of relaxation and reflection.


P.S. Our next antique candle upload is Sunday, February 3 at 8 p.m. ET.

Another part of this philosophy is to keep the home organized with the most meaningful items by staying tidy. With the rise of savvy professional organizers, such as Horderly and Marie Kondo, awareness of the positive benefits of a clutter-free home is becoming more well-known. Clear your space of items that don’t make you happy or don’t serve a purpose. Believe it or not - This will allow for a cozier experience!

Candles: Aroma With A Glow

hygge candles in the winter

You can’t have hygge without candles. There are two primary reasons why candles are great for practicing hygge: The aroma and the glow. The glow of candles, or really any indoor decorative lights, really sets a mood of relaxation and comfort. Aroma is also a vital part in mood change. When we created the Hygge Collection candles, we worked to make sure these scents were made to invigorate, relax and connect. Scent is proven to elevate mood and these current scents were blended to provide meaningful experiences:

Overall, hygge is about enjoying the simple things in life and practicing gratitude for what we already have. Other hygge practices not mentioned in this blog include simple dinners at home with friends and family, the use of warm beverages, reflection and overall wellness.

How can you start practicing hygge in your home this winter? <3

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