Four 1950s Holiday Decor Trends That Need A Revival

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on December 04 2019

retro holiday decor

Photo Source: Vintage Everyday

Seasonal decorations are a blast because they allow us to truly feel the holiday, time of year and seasons of our life. It seems like everyone is always looking forward to the next season instead of enjoying the season that’s here, forgetting what it was like to anxiously await its arrival only a few months back. With this fast-moving mindset, seasonal decor allows us to slow down time in the season and appreciate what makes it unique.

A lot of the warm, fuzzy and sparkly Christmas ideals we have today come from the 1950s and 1960s. If we’re looking to have a holiday season that feels as magical as the merry vibes of mid-century, it’s rather simple to adopt traditions and supporting decor. 

When concepting for the Holiday Collection, we knew we wanted to capture the essence of Christmas nostalgia. Because nostalgia is a key factor in creating holiday contentment and aroma is a huge part of nostalgia.

Aroma is just the cherry on top of the seasonal home decor that makes your holiday a happy one. Here are four holiday decor trends from the 1950s and 1960s that we think should make a comeback for anyone celebrating a Retro Holiday. 

Tinsel Icicles

tinsel trees in mid-century
Photo Source: Vintage Everyday

Gleaming and glitzy, tinsel icicles totally have a one-up on appearance compared to today’s garland tinsel. Although, tinsel icicles are messier and much more tedious. But the iconic look of a tinsel covered tree is well worth the work. Say that three times fast! 

Window Candles

retro holiday decor

Photo Source: Vintage Everyday

The aura of homes from the outside is another important aspect of that traditional Christmas warmth. Not sure about you but every window in my grandmother’s mid-century cottage-style home has a faux candle this time of year. Cozy and welcoming, window candles are an added touch that makes us feel like a white Christmas is near. 

Trinket-Based Decor

1950s trinket based decor
Photo Source: Vintage Everyday

Ahhh, trinkets. I don’t think we would be true vintage lovers if we didn’t love trinket-based decor. Trinket-based decor was popular at mid-century with additional small decorations covering every flat surface. Character is all in trinkets and with vintage trinkets, it’s at its most magical! Even the smallest vintage trinkets can have incredible character and meaning. Vintage postage stamps, stocking covers, ornaments, post cards and more can make for the perfect display of retro holiday cheer in a modern-day home. 

Matching Pajamas

1950s holiday trends

Photo Source: FLASHBAK

Decor during the holidays also involves your wardrobe. We’re all about coziness at Cultivated Candle Co. and who’s to say that matching pajamas are something to be left in the past?! Cozy, comfortable and complimentary of your Christmas decor, don’t overlook this iconic holiday trend. 

Easy-peasy, right? Regardless of how you decide to celebrate Retro Holiday, the most important thing is that your personality shines through your decor and that your decor makes YOU happy. The Retro Holiday theme works so perfectly with Cultivated Candle Co. because traditional coziness and the charm of the past is something that sparks our joy. 

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