DIY: How to Turn Vintage Tins Into Fridge Magnets

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on May 29 2020

Spending more time at home is bringing families closer together… like magnets! Vintage tin magnets are the simplest way to give your refrigerator a hint of nostalgia. Not only do they look cute, but they also can also hold pens, notepads and other office supplies! 

At Cultivated Candle Co., we enjoy celebrating all kinds of upcycled vintage decor. Some tins are too small to transform into vintage candles, so we wanted to find another fun use for them!


What You’ll Need

  • Small Vintage Tins – or any other tins of your choice! 
  • Magnets (We used an 8-pack from Amazon.)
  • Super Glue


Selecting Correct Supplies

We recommend finding magnets that are thick and about one inch in diameter so that the magnet can hold up both the tin and the items inside. When looking for super glue, avoid glue that foams and expands. For stability, decide how many magnets are necessary per vintage tin to hold up while your selected things (pens, clips, etc.) are inside. This will vary based on the size and weight of each vintage tin! 


Get a full look at the DIY process in our DIY: How to Turn Vintage Tins Into Fridge Magnets video on the Cultivated Candle Co. YouTube channel. We’d love to see your homemade vintage tin magnets! Tag us in pictures of your creations on Facebook and Instagram.

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