A Whimsical Fall Collection at Cultivated Candle Co.

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on August 16 2020

Best Fall Candles at Cultivated Candle Co.

Nostalgic yet new. Crisp yet filled with sunshine. Colorful yet calming. The list could go on about what makes fall the season so many of us look forward to. 

We all celebrate it differently depending on where we live. From when we first break out the annual fall decor to the fall activity list, our traditions mixed with a curiosity for the season make it a time like no other. This fall at Cultivated Candle Co., it’s a celebration of one of the most whimsical times of the year. 

It’s no secret that fall is a big time in the candle industry. I mean...Who doesn’t love fall candles?! It’s basically on the candle-lover checklist. This also makes it easy for repetitive scents to be available, which is why we always like to mix things up at Cultivated Candle Co.

The Fall Collection at CCC is filled with a variety of nostalgic fall aromas, for any taste. Big pumpkin lover? We’ve got you. Looking for something sweet? Check. An outdoorsy and fresh aroma with a twist? You’ve GOTTA try Autumn Berry (we’re jumping the gun - see below). Warm and cozy, yet not super fall-themed? It’s in the collection! 

Across six scents, we’re bringing back fall fan favorites from years past and brand new scents that are everything fall should be. And more. But we’ll stop tooting our own horn...Scope ‘em out for yourself below. 


The Cultivated Candle Co. Fall Collection

Cran-Apple Pumpkin Candle & Wax Melts

Cran-Apple Pumpkin Candle

The Cran-Apple Pumpkin Candle blends cranberry apple marmalade and pumpkin spice for the perfectly balanced fall aroma - Spicy & fresh. This candle has been a fan fave since 2018 and we can’t stop bringing it back every year. It's autumn nostalgia in a scent! 

Pumpkin Donut Candle & Wax Melts

Pumpkin Donut Candle

The Pumpkin Donut Candle blends rich pumpkin cake, a hint of cinnamon, melted butter and sweet donut for an over-the-top sweet and spicy fall aroma. This candle became a fan fave last year and all of its baked goodness was highly requested to come back again this year. It’s one of Jeremy’s all time favorite scents, too! 

Fresh Apple Candle & Wax Melts

Fresh Apple Candle

The Fresh Apple Candle blends McIntosh, Red Delicious, Fuji and Granny Smith apples with a zest of applejack for a strong, spot-on apple aroma that is a fall fan fave. A true example of how the right scent blend really hits the spot! We worked with this blend to get the subtle spicy note exactly where we want it and allow freshness to take the lead. If you love apple, you HAVE to try the Fresh Apple Candle!  

Toasted Marshmallow Candle & Wax Melts

Toasted Marshmallow Candle

The Toasted Marshmallow Candle blends of soft, sweet marshmallow and rich, sugary graham cracker, with just a hint of vanilla, for a sweet and cozy fall aroma. A marshmallow candle was highly requested and we gladly accepted the challenge. When we think of marshmallows, our brain typically signals the whole deal - Other sweets involved like vanilla or graham crackers. So, we had to whip up a special blend that included these two additional notes for a marshmallow aroma that reminds us of cozy memories by the fire. 

Vanilla Sugar Fig Candle & Wax Melts

Vanilla Sugar Fig Candle

The Vanilla Sugar Fig Candle blends fresh figs, vanilla beans, warm caramel, sweet maple sugar and fig leaves, for a cozy and sultry fall aroma. As soon as we smelled this blend, we knew we had to have it in the Fall Collection. The Vanilla Sugar Fig Candle is perfect for fall coziness that isn’t directly themed to our go-to fall ideals such as pumpkin, apple, leaves, etc. And regardless of your preferences, this is an aroma made for EVERYONE to love. 

Autumn Berry Candle & Wax Melts

Autumn Berry Candle

The Autumn Berry Candle blends fresh fallen leaves, juniper berries, blueberries, pine and a hint of spice for the fresh and cozy aroma of a crisp autumn day. Our most intricate blend in this collection, the Autumn Berry Candle is a one-of-a-kind aroma that we are so excited to have created at CCC! It’s fall happiness in a candle.

It's time to get cozy - The third CCC Fall Collection is officially here!

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