7 Ways to Practice Self-Care With Hygge

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on February 19 2020

If you haven’t heard, it’s hygge season at CCC. Hygge is the concept of mastering coziness personalized to YOU. It’s enjoying the simple things in life and being present in cozy moments. It’s where thoughtful and intentional meets cozy, and it creates GLORIOUS moments in the dreary winter. Hygge is the perfect mix of amplifying coziness indoors and taking life as it comes. 

Here are some easy ways to practice self-care in hygge style. Seriously - winter is an invitation to rest and by practicing hygge, you’re RSVPing. 


Create a hot drink station in your home.

hygge tips from Cultivated Candle Co.

Vintage revamp on a coffee bar (Photo: @crownjuel)

Hot drinks are not only a great way to warm up in the winter, but also a fun way to indulge in coziness. Whether it’s coffee, tea or even hot cocoa, creating a dedicated station for a special hot treat is a great way to add some home fun to frigid winter months.


Get a go-to robe.

cozy winter tips

Coziness and clothing go hand-in-hand. Choose whatever clothing is your coziest and wear it intentionally when practicing self-care and hygge at home. Whether it’s a regal robe or the softest sweats in your dresser, choose intentional cozy clothing and live it up when you’re in them. 


Keep candles lit whenever you’re at home.

cultivated candle co. co-founder Colleen

Try to find an article about hygge that doesn’t talk about candles. When you find one, let me know because I don’t think that exists. I love lighting candles as my first task when I walk in the door. Intentional aroma can make a serious difference in time spent at home. Plus, the glow of candles complements hygge in the home. The cozy aura of a burning candle can completely change an environment. Looking for the perfect cozy scent? Browse our wide selection of all natural soy candles on the Cultivated Candle Co. website

Host a relaxed, no-frills gathering in with friends or family.

cozy hygge home decor

A good start? Friends, coffee and the couch! (Photo: @the_rusticpallet)

Even better - make it a tradition! Hygge is about enjoying the simple things in life. Hosts can often get bogged down with obligation and stress. The purpose of hosting with a hygge mindset is to enjoy the company and not obsess over perfection. Before your company’s arrival, plan an intention for the evening. This will help you navigate stress when it naturally comes and focus back on your intention for the evening - which is usually to connect with loved ones. 

Cuddle up with a cozy blanket and take a break from any technology.

hygge candles

(Photo: @thelongawaitedhome)

Technology is great, but hygge is about the little things. With the incredible access to information because of technology, it’s easy for our brains to always be hyper-focused on many different topics at once - Big or small. Take a break from this constant information overload to feel connected to the earth and bigger purpose of why we’re living. Out of anything on this how-to hygge list, this one's my favorite. It feels incredible! Even 30 minutes to an hour of a tech-break, by yourself, can do wonders. 


Find a cozy space.

cozy hygge space

We’re not just talking about your entire house. Create an intentional cozy spot in your home that is dedicated to self-care. In our home, we’re creating a cozy desk/seating space by the window with the best view. Connection to the earth and nature is a big part of hygge and this can be difficult in the winter months. That’s why mixing a cozy spot with the outdoors is such a hygge win! If your window situation doesn’t bring you comfort, consider adding some plants into your cozy space. 

Get a hobby.

That sounded rude but it’s not - promise! I don’t mean make yourself busy. Find a fun craft or activity that you can do at home instead of binge on Netflix or indulge in Facebook scrolling. This creates more intention and in-the-moment living that the concept of hygge is praised for. Casual hobbies could include writing, sewing, collecting, drawing, exercising, board gaming and more. 

It seems like winter just arrived in Ohio. Wherever you are, “happy hyggeing”!

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