6 Ways to Have a Nostalgic Summer

Colleen O'Morrow

Posted on May 22 2020

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The weather is warming and Memorial Day weekend is here. This means one thing - Summer has arrived! Summer days and nights have their own special kind of magic. We knew this magic HAD to be a part of our new Summer Collection, mixing nostalgia and fun into aromas. Summertime is our culture in its prime with a child-like feel of discovering new ways to have fun. 

In 2020, we’re not only changing nature's seasons. We’re transitioning out of a difficult season that no one expected, which gives us even more of a reason to make this summer one of the best ones yet.

We all could use an old-fashioned, cheerful summer and we’ve rounded up six ways to make this summer full of nostalgic fun! Time to rewind back to a time before the Internet and cell phones…


6 Ways to Have a Nostalgic Summer


Date Night to the Drive-In Movie Theater

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Drive-in movies are a prime example of a retro activity that never gets old! Snuggled up with blankets, munching on snacks and enjoying a movie in the fresh summer air is the perfect date night. Personalize the back of your car to fit your coziness and enjoy! Plus, drive-in movies are a win-win with the social distancing recommendations we’re all becoming so familiar with. 

Track Down An Ice Cream Truck

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The familiar music plays in the distance. You have a new-found hunger for a cold, sweet treat and only one thought rushes through your head, “Is that what I think it is?”. That’s right, it’s the ice cream truck! Go out of your way to track down an ice cream truck this summer and snag your favorite treat. The ice cream truck was our main inspiration for the Orange Cream Pop Candle! 

Get Competitive with Game Nights

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Board game nights with family used to be a typical summer evening activity. We are always super fascinated by the vintage board games we see on our trips to antique malls. Classics like Monopoly, Scrabble and Clue were all the rage in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Now, there are so many options to choose from! Traditions like this can make summertime even more meaningful with your family.


Take a Day for an Old-Fashioned Picnic

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Time to bust out that checkered blanket and large straw picnic basket! Put on your Sunday best and head to your nearest park for an old-fashioned picnic. Make a day out of it! For the ultimate nostalgic experience, stick with the classy aesthetic by bringing along cloth napkins, silverware and other decor accessories. Sandwiches, fresh-cut fruit, lemonade and pie are all necessities for an afternoon of fun! The Watermelon Lemonade Candle was inspired after the sweetness of summer picnics. 


Camp Out In Your Backyard

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Photo Source: Vintage Irvington

It’s not possible to make a list of nostalgic activities, and not include camping out in your backyard! Make simple things like gooey s'mores, catching fireflies and telling stories the highlight of the evening. There’s just something special about sleeping outside when you’re still in the comfort of your own backyard! It’s the simple things that make summer nights feel so magical.

Break Out the Bicycle & Explore

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Photo Source: National Museum of Australia

Without a care in the world and with the only restriction to be home before curfew, bicycling with neighborhood friends was the best activity for a sunny day. In the spirit of nostalgia, it’s time to break out the bikes and explore a new place! It’s a great way to be present and take in the simple summertime charm of a new town, city or park. 

What are some of your favorite summer activities? We’d love if you’d share them with us on Facebook and Instagram! Stay tuned for more blogs about summer and nostalgia as we celebrate our Summer Collection at Cultivated Candle Co.

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